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So how did this punk from Rosengàrd get all the way to where I am now? Nobody believed I could do it. Everybody was trash-talking. They thought I will go away because I have a big mouth. They thought this guy’s vision is crazy. It will not happen. But I had these dreams of where I would end up. And now here I am. Let’s go back 15 years and all I saw then has come true. Everybody who was trash-talking me? Now they are eating their words. This is my real trophy. By

Zlatan, in a great interview with the Guardian’s Donald McRae, talks about his life, why staying angry keeps him motivated and how he reacts when his sons call him “Zlatan” instead of “pappa.”

The lead paragraph might be the best thing you read all week:

On his birthday, an October day on the outskirts of Paris so gorgeous it seems as if summer might never end, Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains as defiant as he is cheerful. Having just turned 33, his birthday “began in the traditional way. The boys [his sons Maximilian and Vincent] came running into the bedroom, singing. It was early, but it was beautiful.”

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